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Land with C of O , Land with Government Excision and Gazette and land suitable for future investment

Lekki Properties To Let/Lease - Most Recent



4 Bedroom semi detached duplex @ N3.5m per year
4 bedroom in a block of flats @ N3.8m per  year
3 bedroom flat @ N1.5m and N2m


 5 and 4 Bedroom fully detached duplex well maintained with lots of parking space @ N1.5m per  and N1.8m

 callHakeem Agbaje  

Properties In Lekki Phase 1 And Environs

To Let Lekki  Phase 1

PhotobucketTo Let Hakeem Agbaje 2349093589614
Lagos Lekki Phase I is the heart of Lekki,to live there means you belong to the class,also to live or own a house here is a thing of pride,people who live there have that esteem of being more equal than others.Admiralty way is the center that binds the whole residents,people of timber and caliber,live in this suburb of Lagos.

VALUE OF  "BUY And Wait" In Real Estate

Historically,it was established by the Lagos State Government,land was sold and allocated to those who were unable to get  allotment in places like Victoria Island,Ikoyi and the Mainland,to say the fact,individual who took the allotment did so reluctantly and with persuasion,then the place was the dead end of Lagos except Epe,there was no road network,the whole place was a swampy.

This is a big lesson in Real Estate Investment,anywhere you buy a land ,there is always a value attached to it,what you need to do most is BUY AND WAIT,then you will reap the value if you are patient enough to find the secret value of that your piece of land.Owning a land in Lekki Phase 1 today is a fortune,those who sold now are making tens of millions that can start a business venture and put up a new structure elsewhere,while those who still hold on tight to their new found wealth make enough rental revenue per year,that could sustain them,and the value continue to climb.


PhotobucketTo live or rent apartment in Lekki phase 1 means comfort,the road networks have been improved significantly,if you work in Victoria Island,you will be in your office in less than 5 minutes from home,no need for you to wake up by 4:00 AM to beat the Lagos traffic hold ups.I wonder how Lagosian survive the stress they experience everyday,you live in Ikeja,Iyana Ipaja,Abesan,Ilupeju,Mushin,Isolo,Okoko and work in Victoria Island,you wake by 4:00 AM everyday and set out to work because of traffic,and return home 9-10:00pm daily,when do you want to have time for your spouse or the kids,rather you send the kids to Borden schools to be raised by OTHERS and at the end you get children that behaves like OTHERS , you spend little time with your partner and at the end you hardly know each others ,then the marriage begins to collapse,adultery and divorce sets in,the family is separated,the children begins a new life of agony,then both parties begins to reflect and regret for the rest of a lifetime ,simply because you have chosen to live in the wrong place,you chose the wrong apartment in a wrong location at the end you are pounds foolish penny wise,eventually, what you stand to lose,is far greater than what money can buy or rectify.


Lekki Phase1  is most ideal for those who have their business or place of work in Lekki Axis,Victoria Island,Ikoyi,Lagos Island.You can rent a bedroom flat from the range of N1.5m to as high as N3m,while a duplex is obtainable from N3m to N7m per year, a 10% Agency commission and 5-10% legal commission, you will be expected to pay for one or two years,one year rent is what the law stipulates but Government cannot force house owners,they law is said to be self implementing ,in such a manner that the market force will determine the price,so every renter should be prepared for one or two years rent payment, The price difference is determined by the suitability of the location,and the facilities available in the apartment,some take service charge if they provide services such as power generating,refuse disposal,security and cleaning.But for others without service charge you will have to take care of services by yourself.  "A Stitch in time saves nine"

For more information contact
Hakeem Agbaje
2348093589614 +234-8055522183

CARLTON GATE ESTATE (Lekki ) Apartments To Let



5 bedroom detached house @N3M & N5M/yr


 1000M2 @  N70m, - N90m
800M2 @ N47m& N50m 


 5 Bedroom Detached House with BQ on 450sqm.@ N90m
5 Bedroom Detached House + 2 BQ on 600sqm.@ N120 Million
5 Bedroom Detached House with BQ on 800sqm.@ N130m
5 Bedroom Detached House with BQ on 600sqm.@ N110m


Carlton Gate Estate is strategically located along Chevron Drive, about ten minutes drive from Mobil Corporate Headquarters along  Lekki PeninsulaLagos. It enjoys the full neighbourhood similar to that of Chevron Housing Estate, Mobil EstateVictoriaGarden City (VGC), Nicon Town Estate, Lekky County Homes, among others situated along the Lekki corridor.
The estate derives its beauty from its strategic location, which is away from the bustle and hustle of inner Lagos. Simply put: “a place of peace and quiet”. And what is more-a natural habitat devoid of the sickening sounds of vehicles and huge machines and from their devastatin environmental pollutants. The economic value of the estate stems from its maximum accessibility by its proximity to two major roads, which creates optional access to Victoria Island and Ikoyi.


For more information contact Hakeem Agbaje +234-8055522183

MAYFAIR GARDEN ESTATE (Awoyaya-Lekki ) Apartments To Let

MAYFAIR GARDEN ESTATE (Awoyaya-Lekki ) Apartments To Let

The Estate was Build by HFP owners of Victoria Garden City.It is located in Awoyaya ,directly on the Lekki Epe Expressway. The Estate has international standard facilities for residents suitable for Nigerians in Diaspora.It was built in 4 bedroom prototype bungalow with ample undeveloped land for individual to build to their taste.It is about 30 minutes drive from Victoria Island.


4 bedroom semi detached bungalow @ N1m /year


 722sqm @ N13m
800 sqm @N14m


2 nos of 3 bedroom bungalow @ N17m


For more information contact Hakeem Agbaje +234-8055522183

ABRAHAM ADESANYA ESTATE,(Ajah-Lekki) Apartments To Let

Apartments To Let

The Estate is located in Ajah area of Lekki Axis 

less than 5 mins drive from VGC Estate.It was built by the Lagos  State Government and owned by individuals.It has an easy access to Victoria Island,the environment is descent and the road are tarred,it comprise of 2 & 3 Bedroom Bungalow with enough parking space.The environment is suitable for Nigerians Living Abroad because of its unique features at a very affordable price.


2 Bedroom @ N500 /year
2 Bedroom @ N450 /year
3 Bedroom @ N600 /year
3 Bedroom @ N800 / year


3 Bedroom Bungalow @ N16m
2 Bedroom @ N12m

For more information contact Hakeem Agbaje +234-8055522183

VICTORIA GARDEN CITY,Ikota-Lekki Apartments To Let

VICTORIA GARDEN CITY,Ikota-Lekki Apartments To Let

 VGC: Haven of the money class

There is something refreshing and exotic in Victoria Garden City fondly called VGC. It is arguably the most organized, serviced, and ideal living environment in the country today.

Situated at kilometer 15.5 on the popular Lekki-Epe Expressway, VGC is a signpost of freedom from the typical chaotic Lagos life. It is a living haven that is devoid of the negative characteristics identified with metropolitan Lagos.
If only VGC were an “island in the stream”, as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton the gorgeous duo, would have you croon. But it is not, because the residents have to go out to earn their living in the larger Lagos. In the evening they are back to refresh in their beautiful haven.
Living in VGC, which was built by H.F.P Engineering Nigeria Limited, has become, and for many, a symbol of success, of having arrived in the mainstream of life. It is a sonic reflection of the power of the wallet, handbag and stuff with the big bucks, which is the preserve of a few lucky ones. And as a clownish pal of yours sincerely would put it; such people who are isolated from Frantz Fannon’s Wretched of the earth must be the trustee’s of God’s wealth on earth.
According to this friend, Daddy God would position one strong man (sic), give him a handbag of money and count one to ten lesser men to follow the “strong man” for their own source of livelihood and survival. If the thinking in this discourse is anything to go by, most residents, if not all of VGC must be some of the strong men (and women), using my friends words, nominated by God to be trustees for the lesser mortals.
Victoria Garden City is a uniquely planned comprehensive housing scheme comprising residential houses, flats, and commercial buildings. It is a beautiful enclave positioned on a 200-hectare land by the scenic and tranquil shore of the Lagos Lagoon on the Lekki Pennisula. It is designed to create an ideal living and recreational environment for a population of over 30,000 residents.

Development of VGC began in December 1992 and has quite not abated because some individuals are still building new private houses. Even now, some plots are yet to be developed in the latter development phase. Remarkably, H.F.P has stopped the prototype houses and are no longer involved in actual development. The newer houses are customized – built to taste, style and specifications of individual owners. One is therefore likely to find the grandest houses in the zone.
Definitely, H.F.P would still retain some of its powers to enforce rules and regulations of specifications governing every one of such private developments. However if the truth must be told, while the best collection of houses [the types that are used to shoot scenic movies] is likely to be found in Park View, for the ideal environment, VGC is simply unbeatable. This is not to mean that it is perfect but it is about the best in our clime.
The original scheme was geared toward prototype houses of various designs with imaginative but practical use of space to suit different needs and budgets. Each type had its unique appeal and blends perfectly with the surroundings. The types include Gemini, Topaz, Mayfair, Lagoon and Regency, the top of the rack. The greatest point in VGC is in the way and manner the houses, open-spaces and recreational centres are synchronized in perfect harmony. It reminds one of FESTAC Town in its glory days. Perhaps if FESTAC Town were a private scheme like VGC, it would have retained same character.
Serving the leisure needs of residents of VGC is a recreational park of about 50,000 square metres, said to be the largest in the country. There are well-marked portions for places of worship, schools, health institutions, a country club, The Meidan Hotel [just by the entrance gate] and other recreational facilities developed by private companies.
The area is adorned with beautiful flowers, plants, lawns, and walkways. A network of T-ended cul-de-sac streets is used to give residential properties maximum seclusion and security. The commercial area consists of a shopping complex, office buildings, and a fuel station. The area accommodates the Police station and Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) Plc sub-station. Also there are the Fire Service stations, Post Office, and shuttle bus service that runs through the estate since buses are not allowed.
VGC has the best–developed internal estate infrastructure, perhaps in the entire country. It includes interlocking paving stone surface roads, storm-water drainage, sidewalks, and street lighting with underground cables. Others include electrical service characterized with non-power failure, as PHCN’s inefficiency has no chance in there, and there is treated water supply, telephone facilities and round-the-clock security.
The facilities are, however, provided by different private companies to ensure seamless efficiency in delivery.

A Call To Nigerians  In Diaspora

It high time when Nigerians Living Abroad should wake up and work things out collectively,among those abroad are the categories who have become hostage in these foreign land,they cannot even leave there for a visit at home,we need to look at Nigeria from a global setting where all of us can contribute meaningfully to a National growth,not only economically but also politically and to cater for the welfare of Nigerians in all part of the

There is the nreed to form an alliance by Nigerians living abroad and those of us at home.
Nigeria needs their direct and indirect input to achieve growth,people like Okonjo Iweala the finance minister is a world bank employee,she have contributed meaningfully the economy and her imput is welll felt,she have contributed her own quota,what about your,what makes you a Nigerian ,when you cannot be of any use to the Nation.

In terms of investment,you can create employment or produce human capital in form of training,also in the area of real estate you can form a real estate alliance witVGh others or call in investors to produce the likes of VGC estate,crown estate,mayfair,Nicon,and several other notable investment are real estate properties in Lekki,properties for sale in Lekki,Land for sales in Lekki,agricultural land for sales in lekki,commercial land for sales in lekki etc.


(A) 4Bedroom Detached Duplex @ N3m -N5m/yr
(B) 4 Bedroom Semi Detached @ N2.5m -N3.5m/yr
(C)  3 Bedroom @ N1.5m-N2.5m/yr

For more information contact Hakeem Agbaje +234-8055522183

CROWN ESTATE (Shangotedo-,Lekki) Apartments To Let

CROWN ESTATE (Shangotedo-,Lekki)  Apartments To Let


4 Bedroom Detached Duplex @ N1.5m/year
4 Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ  @ N1.6/Yr
5 Bedroom Duplex @ N1.8-N2.5m/yr
3 Bedroom Bungalow Ensuite @ N1.5-2.5mm/yr
3 Bedromm Bungalow + BQ @ N1m-N1.5m/yr


650sqm of land at crown estate ajah lekki N28m-N32m

DUPLEX:  This is an en-suite 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex, with 2 living rooms.  Libra is two wings of 4 bedroom duplexes each sitting on a standard land size of 367sq m.  Each house has a separate entrance direct from the road. 

DESCRIPTION :The Estate is very exclusive with prototype of Duplexes,it is located in Shangotedo area of Lekki Axis,it is about 25 mins drive to Victoria Island.and it is located directly on the Lagos Epe Expressroad with very beautiful landscape.The place is very ideal for those who care for security,and a good environment and also suitable for Nigerians living abroad.

For more information contact Hakeem Agbaje +234-8055522183

NORTHERN FORESHORE ESTATE (Chevron-Lekki) - Apartments To Let

Houses To Let



4Bedroom Bungalow at N1.8m -N2.2m/year
4bedroom Duplex @N2.2m & N2.8m/year


New 4 bedroom duplex well finished with pop, Jacuzzi and fitted kitchen
Price – N70m-N120m
New 4 bedroom semi detached house – N43-N50m
4 bedrooms detached house 
4 bedroom bungalow Price –  N38m-N48m


Plot of land 800M2 – N42-N48m
Plot of land 600M2 – N34m-N42m
Northern Foreshore – 600Sqm land – N22M


Northern Foreshore is basically a residential and a highly organized neighborhood with no commercial activity at all.Northern Foreshore is basically a residential and a highly organized neighborhood with no commercial activity at all. The estate is located by the 4th round about Chevron drive, some few minutes drive away from VGC. It is also about 10 minutes drive without traffic from Victoria Island and about 30 minutes on a bad traffic day.
The major access route to Northern Foreshore area is through Lekki Phase 1 to the first, second and third roundabout when coming from Victoria Island or CMS.


Majority of the buildings in the Estate are 4 and 5 bedroom detached houses, 3 and 4 bedroom bungalow.
The physical environment of Northern Foreshore is very good with the houses having low fences and painted in uniformed colour (cream). The roads in the estate are well tarred and paved on both sides with good drainage system. Presently the Estate has mini water works system/ water treatment plant that supplies the whole estate water; there are street lights with a standby generator to power them. One thing that makes this estate unique is the location which is along Chevron drive road this has contributed to the tight security in the estate there are also unharmed private security guards on ground 24/7. Electricity from PHCN is also connected to the estate.  

Land sizes And Price

in the estate ranges from 600Sqm to 800Sqm. In terms of prices, at the moment, 600Sqm land would sell from between N24M-N28M depending on the location of the land while an 800Sqm would sell from between N40M-N48M
 Plot of land 600M2 – N34M -N40m

A 4 bedroom detached house in the Estate currently sells from between N65m -N80m while a 3 and 4 bedroom bungalow sellt from between  N35m-N45m
On the rental scale a 4 bedroom detached house lets out from between N2.5M – N2.8M while a 3 bedroom bungalow will let out from between N1.8m-N2.5m.
Some of the regulations within the estate are that all the houses in the estate are expected to have low fences and property owners are not allowed to do any major development outside their homes.
Available properties in Northern Foreshore-
New 4 bedroom duplex well finished with pop, Jacuzzi and fitted kitchen
Price – N70m - N110m
New 4 bedroom semi detached house – N43M
4 bedrooms detached house and 4 bedroom bungalow at Northern Foreshore estate
Price – N55M and N35M

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Hakeem  Agbaje
2348093589614 or  234-8055522183


Land with C of O , Land with Government Excision and Gazette and land suitable for future investment

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Land with C of O , Land with Government Excision and Gazette and land suitable for future investment